Triumphing Over the Fear of Being Negatively Judged

In my college days I had a friend who seriously considered bunking the classes on the first day of each semester. The reason for his absence was even more stupid. He wanted to avoid the session of introducing himself to the entire class. As such, I did not know that the poor fellow was actually a victim of social phobia. By rough estimates, there are at least several millions of people, if not more, across the globe suffering from this problem. It can affect a person at any stage of life, irrespective of the individual’s age.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Their problem arises from the fear that people will judge and evaluate them negatively. Thus, these folks try their best to avoid mingling and interacting with people. They stop attending parties and invitations and shun opportunities to come across people. If the problem is treated at its initial stages, it is easier to resolve it. In course of time, the situation becomes increasingly complicated, making the victims suffer from severe inferior complexity, embarrassment, humiliation and eventually, one passes into acute mental depression. At the ultimate stages, social anxiety can even lead an individual to commit suicide.


Thus, it is indeed crucial to find out solutions on how to overcome social anxiety. At the initial stages, one can take care of this problem all alone with a little consciousness. While one is attending a social occasion, it is important to spend less time focusing on one’s own physical symptoms. Actually, anxiety is much less visible than one imagines. No one thinks badly of an individual who is visibly anxious.

One of the best ways to resolve the problem is to practice deep breathing for about 10 minutes every day. Deep breaths are most effective to calm the nerves. Even maintaining an exposure hierarchy proves helpful for many to overcome the problem. These apart, lot of helpful literature is readily available both in print and digital versions. There are many competent websites that dedicatedly deal with this issue. When these self-help efforts prove ineffective, one should immediately seek help of professional therapists.


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